Are We Destined for the Unknown?

Hello, and welcome to the very first post. If nothing else, this will be an an open and honest process of thinking about Life’s meaning. It’s a journey we all share.

When we are lucky, we come across a quote that makes a lot of sense to us. This happened to me recently. It was found in a book called “Genius and Heroin” by Michael Largo. That book in itself has given me pause and reflection about the lives or more aptly the demise of a number of famous individuals.

Thought-provoking quotes are interspersed throughout the book – and they seem to help underscore the significance of these lost lives. But this particular quote reads “Death makes us all innocent and weaves all our private hurts and griefs and wrongs into the fabric of time, and makes them a part of eternity.” It was credited to playwright William Inge.

In an odd way, this quote may be like comfort food: in the grand scheme of things, we can rejoice in knowing that all the pain and suffering we have endured while on Earth will be forever released – only to be found (or not found as the case may be) in that vast, immeasurable space called the unknown.

But while Inge, as creator of said lament, may have believed that each of our lives is forever intertwined in the eternal universe, could the opposite be true? It may be presumptuous to believe we are so important that all our sorrows and personal afflictions will forever live on in another form – especially in that pristine place we could also call the heavens.

When one puts it in perspective – with all the people who have ever lived, or are currently living (over seven billion and still counting), we soon realize that we are talking about a lot of individual, fragile egos – much like that proverbial grains of sand on any given beach analogy. And this doesn’t even take into account all future generations – those billions upon billions of individuals who have yet to set foot upon this planet.

Is every person who ever graced our world in some fashion floating around in the unknown? Can we honestly think we are so significant as to have a place ready to embrace us in the cosmos?


About ellenbeereid

A youthful in mind and spirit, somewhat intriguing (OK, maybe just a little intriguing) Baby Boomer seeking answers to all the big questions. A Southern Californian in spirit, now living in Michigan.
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